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How To Guide For The Original Annoyatron

We’ve already talked about the newer annoyatron version 2.0. Here is some information for those who already bought or are considering getting the original annoyatron. There are some reasons to get the original version.  The original annoyatron is a little cheaper than the second version.  Often the second version annoyatron  is sold out when the original is typically available.

What Is An Annoyatron?

For those of you new to the annoyatron, you should acquaint yourself with this clever device.  An annoyatron is a small electronic gadget that emits sounds at random intervals.  The idea is to hide the contraption close to your victim but in a place not easily discovered.  The annoyatron will then emit noises that will drive your victim crazy.  The random timing of the noises makes it even more difficult to locate.  The annoyatron is a “must have” for every prankster’s toolbox.

Here is an overview of the original annoyatron.  I think most of the components are self explanatory.  Remove the battery insulator before using.  The volume gets louder as the volume control is rotated clockwise.

Original Annoyatron for April Fool's Day pranks
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 Differences Between the Annoyatron Version 1 And 2

  1. The annoyatron version two can be turned up louder for a higher annoyance factor.
  2. The original annoyatron has only one magnet limiting where you might put it.
  3. Version 2 uses a CR2450 battery while the original annoyatron uses a CR2032.  The CR2450 is a larger battery and typically has about twice the battery life of the CR2032.
  4. The annoyatron V2 has a test button to test the sounds.  This allows you to make sure you have set the selector switch correctly.  While the first version does not have a tester button, you can accomplish the same thing by turning the power off and back on.  You will hear the sound for the corresponding switch setting.
  5. The annoyatron V2 has six distinct sounds.  See the annoyatron V2 posting  for the guide.  The original annoyatron has three sounds: two beeps and a buzz.  While advertised as three distinct sounds, the two beep settings on mine sound the same.  I even took an informal poll to see if anyone could tell the difference between the two beep settings.  In my judgement, there are just two sounds with the original annoyatron.


Places You Can Put Your Annoyatron

Folow this link to see  annoyatron pictures at


Whichever annoyatron you use, I wish you the best.

Mr. Chuckles